Alice in Videoland

Alice in Videoland


Alice in Videoland describe themselves as a combination of minimal ’80s synth pop music with an upbeat EDM assault and a bitchy disco punk female singer. The group was formed in 2002 by vocalist Toril Lindqvist and former band member Carl Lundgren and gained a massive response to their very first demo with the original idea, which they still try to adhere to, of combining edgy synth-basses, EDM and electro with punk rock, placing the edgy voice and melodies of Toril on top to create a unique style. They went on make four albums which were released in the USA, Canada and Europe; eight years of touring and over 400 gigs have resulted in devoted fan clubs all the way from Moscow to Los Angeles, millions of YouTube views and sold-out concerts in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Austria and the UK. 
In April 2015, after a nearly four-year hiatus, Alice In Videoland announced a reunion and the creation of their fifth studio album, Forever; the single “Let Go” was released on Diket Records in May.




May 20, 2016

Stage time

Blaues Zimmer - 21:00