Backstab Burial

Backstab Burial


With an average age of 17, Backstab Burial are a young breed ready to take lead of the pride. From Huddersfield UK, they have quickly garnered the attention of locals, earning a loyal fan base spanning across Yorkshire, and through the wonder of social networking they have also captured the imaginations of fans worldwide, from London to Los Angeles.


Bringing a relentless live show to every venue they step foot in, Backstab Burial surprise every doubtful crowd they play to which results in new fans everywhere they go. Any pessimism about their live show is quickly dissolved after hearing their recorded material. With a balance of an all out heavy onslaught and massive, melodic choruses, Backstab Burial are hard to fault.


The hunger for recognition and attention is obvious and infectious which makes this band a serious contender in an industry that needs new life breathed into it. It begs the question, ”Are Backstab Burial the next generation of British Metal?


September 3, 2014

Stage time

Magnet Stage - 22:00