On May 8th 2015, the three Berliners-by-choice gave a successful Release Showcase at Frannz Club Berlin and have proven that Berlin’s music goes deeper than the superficiality of metropolitan life.


With gentle melancholy, full of sensuality and driving synths delta. released their first EP ‘Obsession‘. Their songs get under the skin and take their listeners on an emotional journey between farewell and departure.

While Michèl sets the groove with his drums, Marco fills the sound with the bass. Alex gives, along with the single hard to read, four other titles it’s distinctively powerful, rough and yet fragile voice.
delta. is not what one would expect to hear from Berlin, yet they still reflect the city with all its edges and imperfections.


Far from cold Berghain Electronics and romantic German Pop, delta. composes moving, and deeply touching music. With their blend of electro and progressive pop, delta. creates a cinematic depth and authenticity that is a musical counterpoint to the glass towers of Berlin and the thumping bass of the clubs in the city. In addition to numerous gigs across Germany, delta. played live among others at FRITZ! Unsigned and radioeins.


August 27, 2015

Stage time

Magnet Stage - 23:00

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