Dope est Dope

Dope est Dope


Dope est Dope is a creative experiment by Berlin-based producers Sinan Boom and Mr Schnick. Both seasoned and educated musicians in their own right, this project is the colourful fusion of their respective backgrounds; Sinan Boom, reared in classical music, and Mr Schnick‘s punk rock origins. Dope est Dope serves as an exercise in versatility, layering genres and sounds to create a luscious alternative to the minimal techno which defines their city. Their debut E.P was selected from the finest cuts of an extensive back catalogue, featuring a healthy spread of certified ‘club-bangers’ mixed with sweeping atmospheric soundscapes, often within the same song. Thrusted by a strong marketing campaign, Dope est Dope‘s fresh sound has become a rising force in Berlin‘s underground music scene.


September 9, 2016

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