Jack Strify

Jack Strify

New Wave, Synthpop or rather Powerpop? Berlin-based artist and singer Jack Strify blurs the lines between genres in his sound and vision to create a home for his songs and make them more authentic and vivid.


The artist has always been drawn to the unconventional and strange: Those have already been motives for him as the lead singer in German Glampop group Cinema Bizarre that formed in 2005. The five-piece band combined elements from Japanese Visual Kei with European synth sounds and this unsusual melange led to success all over Europe with their debut single „Lovesongs (They Kill Me)“, followed by three albums (Final Attraction, TOYZ, Bang!), concerts around the globe and supporting Lady Gaga on her „The Fame Ball“ tour in 2009 in the United States.


His first solo EP GLITTER + DIRT  being a warm-welcomed hit amongst his fans, Jack Strify played his first solo shows in February 2014.

Already shortly after the release of his EP, he started working on new music with long-time friend and songwriter Michelle Leonard. „Depeche Mode, Yazoo and Visage have definitely been an influence on this album but also contemporary synthpop music such as La Roux, Hurts or Goldfrapp, science fiction novels and movies, „Brave New World“ or „Metropolis“ in particular. Bowie is one of my biggest heroes as well, I think subconsciously he always influences me.


Lyrically, I feel like my album represents my journey the last years, there’s a strong theme of letting go and moving on. I gave my album the name ILLUSION because I fall in love with illusions so easily and in the end I’d rather have my illusions than nothing at all. What is real anyway?


June 11, 2015

Stage time

Comet Stage - 00:30

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