KEAH is electronic beats and Indie song arrangements combined with organic instruments, synthesisers and harmonically floating vocals.

It’s neither a band, nor a solo-project – it’s two musicians following their passion for songs and sound.
Between Berlin and Regensburg Jonas Holle and Marc Rauscher create their sound in two different worlds.
A small cabin in the bavarian woods and their recording studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg. It is that contrast of dreamy melody-driven elements and a beat-heavy energy that defines the world of KEAH.


Catch Breath Good Bye” is KEAH’s first EP and it will be released in March 2016 on their own Label “Lesserbird Records”. It was recorded, produced and published all by the musicians themselves without any budget or label support, just with the help of friends and a big passion for music.


March 2, 2016

Stage time

Blaues Zimmer - 23:30

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