Lowrider Betty

Lowrider Betty

Five guys, one rehearsal space and a common ambition of redefining the sound of a rock band. It’s that simple. With their lyrics and expression, they gather old rock traditions with radio friendly hooks. It’s created in a deliberately new thinking soundscape, which the older generation relates to, as well as the younger generation identifies with.


The Danish Lowrider Betty is something else, not only because of their eccentric frontman and heartthrob Patrick Christensen who’s voice gives the band a personal touch.


It’s not often that a young act which enters my studio completely floors me. These guys sure did. They came with the right attitude and a skill set of writing and performing like they’ve never done anything else their whole life, and considering their very young age, their future looks bright” – Jacob Hansen, Hansen Studios


June 11, 2015 / November 26, 2015

Stage time

Magnet Stage - 00:00 / Schwarzes Zimmer - 00:00