Analog instruments, hand-crafted electronic music that defies the dullness and monotony heard on the radio these days − this idea brought the three members of METRYK together in autumn of 2013. Falk and Arne previously played in a hardcore band together, but felt like trying something completely new. The trio was completed by Hanna and soon the band recorded their first songs in a summer house. The next step was self-producing their first EP Gold of Pleasure, which is released on December 12 on Duchess Box Records.


On the six tracks METRYK wrap the melancholy of dark days in a warm, tingling sound reminiscent of legends such as Portishead. Hovering above the layered samples and loops are the spheric vocals of singer Hanna, whose delicate voice lends a dreamy, surreal mood to the songs. This thick, organic sound is METRYK‘s counter-thesis to the dominant minimalism in today’s pop music. Their influences come from the different musical preferences of the band members ranging from hiphop to psychedelic and modern electronic music.


After having played their live premiere at Freifeld Festival in Oldenburg, Germany, the band is planning to awake their complex sound cosmos on stage at further gigs in the near future.


March 26, 2015

Stage time

Magnet - 22:00