Sarah P.

Sarah P.

Sarah Anna Psalti, known as Sarah P., is a singer, songwriter and actress hailing from Greece. Her music career started in 2010, as the frontwoman of the Athenean dream pop duet Keep Shelly in Athens. After she parted ways with the band in early 2014, she relocated to Berlin with a fresh start, releasing her first solo EP “Free” for which she pulls inspiration from sounds of the 90s and infuses it with modern pop.  In addition, she has collaborated with artists such as The New Division, Sun Glitters, Mmoths, and many more.

While having a sinister music touch, her positive intentions deliver a clear message: that Sarah P. is not just a person, but a movement that empowers every single person who is about to begin new.


“What the world is witnessing is a beautiful princess’s inauguration into a fully fledged queen and her artistic kingdom has no borders or boundaries.” – ColoRising


“Sarah has proven that a curious mind and willingness to sing your guts out can transcend even the most stringent of genre definitions. And why shouldn’t it? Riding on a wave of hope and passion, the Greek vocalist’s future is wide open—and she’s out to claim every inch of it.” – MTV Iggy


“A fluttering, heady explosion of colourful pop with a melancholic edge of plaintive clarity.” – The 405



March 2, 2016

Stage time

Blaues Zimmer - 22:30