The Wake Woods

The Wake Woods

The Wake Woods are a wild display of rock-fireworks with elements from Retro, Blues, Indie & Garage is such uncut and powerful that you can´t help but pushing the pedal to the metal and revel to the sounds of this very young band.


Four years of hard work and heart & soul were put into their latest release ‘Get Outta My Way‘ which was released only in Germany in August 2015 – now the four young men from Berlin, self-confidently express : “Attention, this is us!” And they´re doing it with honest, hand-crafted Indierock. “Folks along the main route couldn´t make me stay” – frontman Ingo Siara is singing this already in the second line of their title song – that´s not screaming for mainstream or airplay. Which does not mean that every single song from that album hasn´t got convincingly catchy hooks and striking & forceful lead-vocals.


May 20, 2016

Stage time

Schwarzes Zimmer - 23:30