Young Legionnaire

Young Legionnaire

Formed by Gordon Moakes, formerly of Bloc Party, and Paul Mullen & Dean Pearson of Losers, Young Legionnaire is a rock band that was developed in the UK and growing internationally. The seeds of Young Legionnaire were sown following Gordon’s guest appearance on the yourcodenameis:milo, Mullen’s formal side project Print Is Dead album in 2006. Some more meetings and conversations followed over the next few years, eventually leading to their first rehearsals together as a band in 2009, alongside former drummer William Bowerman. Their debut album “Crisis Works” is a record loosely concerned with the idea that crisis can kind of be engineered around us to make us more pliable.  As Gordon explains; ‘The idea is that we’re living with a siege mentality about the recession and spending cuts, but it’s that siege mentality that makes ‘difficult’ decisions easier to confer on us from above.


The band began 2011 supporting Les Savy Fav across February and March in the UK and follow that up by visits to LA, New York and Texas for SXSW. Young Legionnaire will be back in studio to record their new album in March 2016.



March 2, 2016

Stage time

Schwarzes Zimmer - 00:00